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A lot of instagram friends asked me to review Thai food outside my kitchen. Of course I can. I love it. Let’s start from somewhere easy. My favourite lunch near my home. 


Bangkok Brasseries, Burgess Hill

95 Church Walk, Burgess Hill, RH15 9BQ

Tel: 01444 871164


Lunch @ 12.00-14.30

Lunch time here normally quite busy.


Lunch set

I always miss my Thai lunch. Sandwiches just do not satisfy me on hard working days. I always nip out to Bangkok Brassaries for my set lunch. I love this set as I can get my favourite stir-fried chicken with basil and a spicy salad, which as a meal, will always make me feel content. I love the explosion of flavours in my mouth. The special thing about this set is there is seafood (that I love).  This is like my Thai feast at lunch time for me. Big smiles 🙂 A drink is also included. I normally get Diet Coke but if I don’t need to drive, I might just get a cheeky glass of wine with it. It’s great value and just £9.95 in total. What’s not to like?

There are 8 sets to choose from such as:

1: chicken green curry, chicken satay, mixed vegetable stir-fry with Jasmin rice; or

6: (This is my husband’s favourite): Chicken stir-fried cashew nuts, prawn tempura, Thai dumplings and Jasmine rice.

They even have vegetarian options for only £ 7.50 per set. Additionally, they also do one tapas (one plate) lunch menu in the range of £3.50-£5.95, which is an extremely good price.

Great valuable lunch with wonderful authentic tastes.


Beef Spicy Salad: I love the yum sauce which is the mixture of liquid flavours in the dish. The balance of salty, sweet, and sour are perfect. I do however always ask them to put more chillies in mine when I order. But I am a bit crazy with something spicy. Beef is nice and soft. All herbs are very fresh and bring the delight to my mouth.

Crispy squid: I love eating seafood. But cooking seafood for lunch is not my favourite. Bangkok Brassaries makes my dream come true :). The squid itself is good. The batter is crispy and light. The Sriracha dipping sauce is just wonderful. If you are not the big fan of chilli dipping sauce, you can ask them to separate the sauce and dip it on the side.

Stir-fried chicken with chillies and basil: this is my food heaven for lunch and one of the most popular lunch dishes for Thai people. The chef made this so lovely with added vegetables. The balance of flavours are also perfect. I can notice that the chicken has been carefully marinated before cooking it. That’s why it is so soft and full of flavour.

Steamed jasmine rice: It is a must for me and has been prepared well.

Restaurant :

I feel like I am eating in Thailand. I have been welcome with a big smile every time I am in the restaurant. The decor is quite traditional with a lot of cute little Thai things. I love it. The seating is comfortable, practical and clean. The restaurant has also received a hygiene rating of 5. Great job, guys.

The staff and the owner are just amazing, very friendly and helpful. Especially, the owner, Mimi, she is very sweet.


About me: Cherie Jones

Thai & British living in Hassocks, West Sussex.

Food lover, blogger, recipe developer and instructor for private Thai cooking classes in Sussex and beyond.

  • Certificate of Thai cookery and management for Thai Restaurant in Abroad      (M.L. Puang Dinakara The Royal Exquisite Thai Cooking School,Bangkok Thailand)
  • Certificate of Bartending Course (Harry’s Bartending Academy, Bangkok)
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  • Level  2 Food Allergen Training ( Institute of Hospitality Endorsed)