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Today I am in Brighton. It’s cold and nothing is better than having Thai lunch. Spicy food always comfort me. 


Kanok Thai Restaurant

65 Preston Street, Brighton BN1 2HE

Tel: 01273 323224


Lunch @ 12.00-15.00

Lunch time here normally quite busy.


Lunch set

If you want to eat authentic Thai food taste with a lot of menus to choose from, look no further as Kanok Thai is the place for you.

The price for lunch set is so reasonable £7.95. You will be starters and main. I always go for this menu. TomYum chicken and Stir-fried chicken, basil and chillies served with rice. Some of my friends choosed chicken in coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai) and Pad Thai.

If you don’t eat the set, one plate lunch is also good. I can’t beleive that I can get Larb Moo (Pork Spicy Salad) or Tom Yum Noodles here. Most plates are £7.95. This is extremely good price. With the drink, I can manage everything in just 10 pounds. Amazing!



Authentic Thai food with great classic menus. Love Kanok Thai restaurant.


Chicken Tom Yum Soup: The chef made this very classic Thai Tom Yum Soup. The soup is tasty with the right amount of Thai chilli paste, sweet & sour flavours and creamy taste of milk/coconut milk.

Chicken breast in the soup is still nice and soft. Pefectly cooked mushroom and tomatoes are just fantastic.

Stir-fried chicken with chillies and basil: this is my favourite lunch and one of the most popular lunch dishes for Thai people. This Pad Kapow tastes so authentic. I think the chef put real Thai holy basil which is quite pungent, warm spicy and nice. I am really impressed as this dish came with fish sauce chilli dip ( Nam Pla Prik). This is so Thai for me 🙂

Steamed jasmine rice: This is the highlight of my day. The rice’s  so beautiful and soft. When I put in my mouth, I was so estatic. I know definitely that they use really good Thai jasmine rice. I had asked them what brand they use and I know they are good and expensive rice from Thailand.

Seafood Tom Yum Noodles soup.

This is also a lunch menu that my friend ordered on that day. Seafood’s fresh and tasty. They prepared seafood very well. In the bowl, there are full of goodness. The right amount of seafood and noodles. Tastes are nice and authentic. I love the fried wonton on the bowl. This is a touch as they are not easy to find in Thai restaurant normally. Thai people season noodles with condiments. The authentic condiments was brought with the bowl of noodles. This’s just fantastic.

Restaurant :

The decor is quite traditional and feel like home. I love it. The seating is comfortable. The restaurant is on Preston street which is not too far from Churchill square and sea front, very convenient.

The staff are just very friendly. They are helpful and get things done very quickly. Big smiles and professional staff are here. I really like them.

I had a full stomach now and it was an amazing lunch at Kanok Thai, Brighton.



About me: Cherie Jones

Thai & British living in Hassocks, West Sussex.

Food lover, blogger, recipe developer and instructor for private Thai cooking classes in Sussex and beyond.

  • Certificate of Thai cookery and management for Thai Restaurant in Abroad      (M.L. Puang Dinakara The Royal Exquisite Thai Cooking School,Bangkok Thailand)
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