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I am so excited to defrost one of my favourite herbs called “Gra-chai”. I am going to cook Fish stir fry or ‘ Pad Cha ‘ dish tonight.

Let me tell you more about Gra-Chai (Lesser Ginger) You may hear other names such as ginger root, Chinese ginger, Chinese keys, lesser galangal. It is from South east Asia and it is from ginger family. However, it has distinct smell. It’s different from others in the same family. So if any dish put Gra-Chai, you will know it straight away. Amazing smell!

It grows out from rhizome and each of them looks thin like finger. That’s what the name came from (I think). Anyway, it’s no fresh one near us. So I store some frozen packs that I bought from Asian Supermarket in my freezer. This is my must have item😘. Looking forward to my food tonight.