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I have got fantastic Thai Basil from Tesco near home. It’s in finest range. It smells so good. It looks so fresh.
Some of you may know this but I will talk about it anyway. A great dish at all time of Thai people is ‘stir fried chicken or minced pork with Chilli and Basil on rice.’ This dish is easy to find in restaurants and street food stalls. I must say this dish is my favourite and I can eat it for lunch every day (for real). Thai name of this dish is Kapow gai(chicken) or Moo sub (minced pork). However, Thai basil is not the basil in this dish. In Thailand (or in Thai restaurant overseas), we use holy basil in this dish, not Thai Basil. However, italian basil that we put in pasta is decent substitute when you cook at home. Thai Basil is called ‘Horapa’ in Thai. Some people call this Thai Basil ‘Sweet Basil’. It has distinct sweet smell so it is great with curries or some types of stir fry such as stir fried clams with chilli paste (oil) or drunken noodles.
I can’t wait to put this into my curry tomorrow. 😋 Put this Thai Basil into your pot of Thai red curry or Green curry next time you cook them. And please let me know what you think in the comments