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My simple lunch, Rice soup with chicken. It make me warm and content.

I just used up all my leftover cooked rice in the fridge.

If you don’t have leftover rice, we need to cook our rice first.


100-150 grams of chicken

1 cup of cooked rice

1 table spoon of soy sauce or Maggi sauce

1 teaspoon of rough chopped garlic ( or more)

1 tablespoon of cooking oil

Stock or stock cube

coriander & red chillies for garnish








1.Marinated chicken with soy sauce or Maggi sauce 10 minutes. (Quick lunch , if you don’t want to marinate, no problem)

2. Little oil in the sauce pan. Heat up the sauce pan then sear all chicken until it cooks 80%.

3. Now add rice, rough chopped garlic, and stock to cover everything in the sauce pan. If you have no stock, you can add hot water and chicken stock cube instead.

4 With medium heat, let it boil. Stir occasionally, making sure the rice does not stick and burn.

5. Turn down the heat. Simmer it with low heat for 1-2 minutes then serve.

6. If you want the chicken to be very soft, you can marinate the chicken longer. At the end, you can leave it simmering with low heat longer.

7. Garnish with coriander and a piece of red chillies (up to you)

8.Put some condiments such as fish sauce, rice vinegar, chilli flakes,sugar, and grounded white pepper before eating.

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