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Ready In:

30 Mins

Good For:

Lunch & Dinner

Grilled marinaded salmon served with homemade chimichurri sauce

Simple lunch with the twist. Light and fresh lunch but full of flavour.

By: Cherie Jones




  1. rubbed and fried Salmon
  2. 2 piecesSalmon
  3. 2 cm piece ginger
  4. 2 clovesgarlic
  5. 1 Tbspolive oil
  6. Pinchsalt
  7. Fresh ground black pepper
  8. 1 Tbspoil (to render Salmon skin)
  9. Chimichurri Sauce

  10. 1 small red onion
  11. 2 clovesgarlic
  12. Small bunch coriander
  13. Small bunch parsley
  14. 2 Tbspred wine vinegar
  15. 2 TbspOlive Oil
  16. 2 Tspchilli flakes
  17. Pinchsalt
  18. Fresh ground black pepper


  1. Prepare ingredients, Grate ginger & garlic.
  2. Rub everything on to Salmon and leave it aside.
  3. Prepare ingredients for Chimichurri sauce. Chop onion and crush the garlic & Chop herbs; coriander & parsley finely (cross chopping).Put all prepared ingredients on the place now start to resemble them.
  4. Add chopped red onion, coriander and parsley in the bowl.
  5. Add garlic & chilli flakes.Add olive oil & vinegar & salt & fresh black pepper. Mix them all in and it’s ready to use.
  6. Heat up the pan. Put a little oil in. At high heat, render the salmon skin until it char and crispy. This take around 2 minutes. Don’t turn the fish.
  7. Heat up the griddle pan at high heat. Don’t put any oil in. Cook salmon until nicely char grilled. Turn Salmon occasionally when need to.
  8. Plate fish and serve with chimichurri sauce.

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