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Thai Cooking Classes

We’ve created great menus for you to learn in every class. Learn to cook authentic Thai food with recipes that are suitable for everyone. We care about high quality produce for the freshness, great taste, and sustainable practices.  

Book Private Cooking Classes

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, live cooking show, hands-on workshop to hone your culinary skills, or an interactive dinner party, our private and corporate group cooking classes are a fun, unique, and affordable way to enjoy the company of friends, family, or co-workers at any culinary skill level. For less than what you’d pay at most cooking schools, we can create a cooking class topic just for you or you can choose from our hand-crafted menus.

Unlock the secrets of the Far East, learn about ancient cultures, rich flavours, spices, and traditional cuisines. Through our hands-on classes, we’ll help you to explore the wonderful flavours of Thailand and beyond, whislt sparking your creativity and developing your culinary skills.

In this fun and unique two-to-three-hour experience, you’ll learn how to create your favourite Thai and Chinese-influenced dishes, as we teach you how to make delicious, authentic Thai cuisine in a fun, interactive environment.

For group more than 4, please contact us for quotes.


How We Work



Private lessons are totally tailored to your requirements. We primarily offer one-on-one classes, or small groups, in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient to you. We will provide you with:


1. Knowledge about the ingredients that you are cooking today. If we need to substitute any ingredients from an authentic recipes, we will also explain the reasons why and what options are available.


2. Full recipe cards for yummy, authentic dishes for you to keep and collect.


3. Access to easy-to-follow cooking videos so you can refresh your knowledge at anytime.


4. Cooking tips, dinner party tips and drinks paring (at your request). General Q and A throughout the session.


5. We can provide any kitchen equipment you may not have or wish to use, such as woks, mortar and pestles etc. 


6. Thai rice. I will teach you how to make perfect steamed rice at home.


For groups of 4 or more, please contact us for a custom quote. Also please contact us if you would like to learn a different set of dishes.


Please note that some Thai dishes contain fish, meat, dairy, and nuts. If you have any food allergies or special dietary needs, please get in touch for personalised dishes and quotes.


We currently cover Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Ditchling, Albourne, Pyecombe and Burgess Hill with no Travel Charge.

 For Haywards Heath, Lewes, Plumpton and Henfield, a £10 travel charge will be added onto your total bill. 

 For Brighton and Hove, a £10 travel charge will be added onto your total bill plus a parking cost may be added as necessary. 



The Classes: Set Menus

£55 per person, for a minimum of 2 person


£50 per person, for a minimum of 3 persons

We will all work together to cook the same dishes.

If you would like to learn 1-on-1, the price will be £110 for a set menu.

I will provide all ingredients so there is no need to go shopping.

Set Menu 1

Red curry paste from scratch

Chicken Red Curry

Thai stir-fry dish (mixed vegetable stir-fry or basil and chilies with meat stir-fry)

Steamed Rice

Set Menu 2

Green curry Paste from scratch

Chicken Green Curry

Thai stir-fry dish (mixed vegetable stir-fry or basil and chilies with meat stir-fry)

Steamed Rice

Set Menu 3

Massaman curry Paste from scratch

Chicken Massaman Curry

Thai Stir-fry Dish (Mixed Vegetable Stir-fry or Basil Chillies with meat stir-fry)

Steamed Rice

Set Menu 4

Pad Thai sauce from scratch

Chicken Pad Thai

Minced pork or pork spicy salad (Larb Moo or Nam Tok Moo)

Set Menu 5

Chicken Satay

Peanuts sauce from scratch

Thai style fried rice; chicken or pork with vegetable

Set Menu 6

Green or Red or Massaman curry paste from scratch

Chicken Curry

Minced pork spicy salad (Larb Moo)

Steamed Rice

Want to mix and match the set menus, ask me for the quote.

For cooking classes,  please give us at least 5 days notice to cancel or change a date of classes. 

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Create your own “Thai à La Carte Experience”


Create your own menu for your Thai cooking class by picking from the options below. Don’t see what you had in mind? Then contact us today to talk through your needs.

Package Price for one person is:

£110 for 2 dishes (2-2.5 hours)

£150 for 3 dishes (2.5-3 hours)

£ 170 for 4 dishes (3-3.5 hours)

You can bring your friends for £25 per additional person up to a max group size of 4.

Curries & Soups

– Chicken green curry: Coconut milk, bamboo shoots, aubergine shoots

– Chicken Massaman curry: Popular dish! Coconut milk, new potatoes, onions and roasted peanuts

– Chicken red curry: Coconut milk, sweet basil, bamboo shoots and fresh chillies

– Panang curry: Coconut milk, fresh chillies, lime leaves and crushed roasted peanuts

– Chicken coconut galangal soup: hot and sour soup with coconut milk and galangal

– Prawn Tom Yum soup: Spicy and sour soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, Thai chilli paste, tomatoes and mushrooms

Starters & Salads

–  Grilled beef spicy salad (Yum Nua Yang) – Marinated steak, with tomato, red onion, celery, mint, chilli, and lime juice

–  Papaya Salad (Som Tum) – Raw Papaya with roasted peanuts, tomatoes, chilli, and lime juice (please allow time for us to order fresh papaya before your dinner date)

– Minced Pork Spicy Salad (Larb): Minced pork with crushed chillies, lime juice, red onions, fish sauce, and crushed toasted rice

– MAMA Spicy Salad: egg noodles and minced pork with a sour, spicy dressing

– Chicken Satay: Grilled marinated chicken on skewers with a peanut sauce

– Fried pork with Garlic & Pepper 



– Chicken with cashew nuts and dried chillies

– Minced pork or chicken with basil and chillies

– Beef with oyster sauce (nua namun hoy): Marinated steak in oyster sauce with mushrooms and spring onions

– Chicken with ginger and bean sauce (gai pad khing) with my special Thai-Chinese recipe

– Fried rice with chicken or pork, served with a chilli, lime, and fish sauce dipping sauce (nam pla pik)

– Mixed vegetables


– Pad Thai Chicken or prawns or both, you can also choose vegetarian option.

 – Pad see- ew: Pork and vegetables with dark soy sauce

– Rad na: Marinated pork, kale, and a sticky gravy sauce  

– Pork Tom Yum noodle soup (Classic street food style)

– Drunken Noodles: Rice noodles with chicken, basil and chillies 

– Mama Pad: Egg noodles with vegetables and chicken


– Deep fried ice-cream

– Mango and sticky rice with coconut milk ( subject to availability)

Class Schedules

10:00am – 9:00pm

9:00am – 2:00pm

We are closed

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