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I Love Thai Food

Do you love Thai food? Do you want to cook Thai food at home instead of going for an expensive meal? Do you want to be healthier by eating Thai food and learning how simple it is to prepare?

I am Cherie and originally from Thailand. I am passionate about eating and cooking and especially about Thai food. Read more about me.

See our events gallery to follow along and learn new recipes, techniques, and trends through events, classes and collaborations with other foodies, writers, and chefs.  

At I Love Thai food, we know Thai food. We know good ingredients. We make it easy and fun to cook authentic Thai dishes. I will help you to master these Thai cooking techniques. Just like you, we cook at home and we want to show you that cooking delicious Thai food is easier than you think. If you don’t feel like cooking, “I love Thai food” also offers a private chef and catering service.

We also offer vouchers which make a fantastic gift for your friends and family, allowing them to enjoy our Thai cooking classes or private events in the comfort of their own home. 

What makes us different:


* We offer authentic Thai recipes using locally-sourced ingredients and offer advice on where to buy. We also make use of an extensive larder of authentic (imported) Thai top quality ingredients into our cooking classes and events.


* We help you develop confidence in the kitchen. We’ll show you how to prepare stunning dishes easily that will be sure to impress.


* Get access to exclusive content and recipes only available to the I Love Thai Food family.


* Learning or enjoying Thai meals in the comfort of your home. Private lessons / Private Chef / Private events are completely tailored to your requirements.


* We believe in sustainability. We don’t use single use plastic in our cooking classes and events.


We are accredited by, and members of, the Nationwide Catering Association (NCASS). This gives us access to the most up-to-date training, health and safety research and general culinary news. We hope this gives you the confidence to trust us to teach you in a safe, professional, fun and engaging way.


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